Feminism for boys (and girls)





MOMA, New York

Inspiring young people to change their world

FEMINISM for boys (and girls)



This course arose from teaching in a boys' school for nine years. In that time I ran a highly popular General Studies course in feminism which was consistently oversubscribed. This has been condensed into an hour-long challenging presentation which will make boys (and girls) question their assumptions and actions. It gets to the root of patriarchical thinking, demonstrating that men are both perpetrators, but also victims of misogyny.


I don't claim to have all of the answers in such a short time, but I do certainly have some searching questions that all, whichever sex and gender they identify as, will be thinking about for some time to come.


This talk can be given to single-sex or mixed audiences, but is targeted at those who assume that feminism is something that should be addressed to others rather than themselves.


The talk covers the following points:

  • Men are actually the biologically weaker sex - how we have misunderstood the hunter gatherers
  • Yes, men can be, and should be, feminists
  • Sex versus gender: why everybody needs elements of both gender attributes in the 21st century
  • Men are restricted by sexism as well as women (though not as much!)
  • The three waves of feminism - why a narrow 'equality' is meaningless
  • What you can do to make your own and others' lives better